Top baby hairstyles – the perfect baby hair styles for your bundle of joy

There are so many baby hairstyles but the top baby hairstyle that will suit your bundle of joy perfectly is what is needed. Being a parent, of a healthy baby, who could blame you for wanting to show-off your pride and joy in the best hair style for babies.

What is the top hair style for babies? That is a good question but one thing is for certain the perfect style will take the sensitivity of the baby in consideration. That said the possibilities of hairstyles to experiment with are simply endless.

The most popular hairstyles for black babies and babies of mixed heritage are plaits, braids, cornrows, twists, jumbo braids, and Bantu knots. Hair accessories could be added to create different effects –hair snaps is one such addition.

However the baby hair style chosen do depend on the length of the hair, the pattern of hair growth, the thickness of the hair and the overall curliness of your baby’s hair. Consider also that baby hair is very delicate and must be treated with the utmost care and gentleness.

The secret to strong beautiful hair in African American children is to bring the styling of their hair to a minimum. Excessive styling causes the baby’s hair to lose moisture and become dehydrated and brittle.

There is a misconception that black people hair is tough but the opposite is true. Black children hair is very curly - really tightly curled to be specific. Curly hair is extremely fragile and should therefore be treated with extra attention to detail – the more tightly curled the more delicate the hair.

Curly hair is more susceptible to breakage because of the natural hair structure and because it has the tendency to lose moisture and become dehydrated and brittle you need to apply extra moisture when styling. You could use light pomade or baby oil for this purpose.

Questions most parents ask about baby hair styles.
1) Will shaving my baby's hair make his hair grow thicker? This is a common myth but there is no concrete scientific proof that thicker hair will result from trimming.
2) When should my baby have her first hair cut? There are no hard and fast rules but most parents cut their babies for the first time at about a year old. Other parents prefer to do it for their child’s first day at preschool.
3) What hair products can I use for my baby hairstyles? The best products are the ones that are specifically designed with the sensitivity of baby’s skin in mind. Preferable those products that are organic – without the addition of harsh chemicals that will dry the child’s sensitive skin.

Hope this article about the top black baby hair styles was useful. Please leave a comment and submit a picture of your cute baby hair style.

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