Top Black Hairstyles – the perfect black hair styles for black people

The Top Black Hairstyles are hair styles worn by the African American icons and other black people in the Americas and throughout the world. These varied hair styles are sported for many a reason. Sometimes they are worn for political reasons, religious reasons, to be au natural or on most occasions just for the love of it – showing the versatility of the black hair.

In modern time these hairstyles are not only sported by black people but by people of all races who fell in love with the ultra cool image of the black hairstyles.

Some of the most popular hair styles are the braids (micro braids, invisible braids, box braids, tree braids, French braids and others), cornrows, hair weaves, hair extensions, dreadlocks, sisterlocks, Afro Puffs, brother locks, Zulu knots, flat twists and others. Don’t be surprise of they are grouped together and called Afro-American hairstyles or simply black hair styles.

The African American hairstyles can be time consuming to create but with modern inventions and improvement in hair care techniques the styles become accessible by the masses. Some of the products used to get the most desirable black hairstyles are the hair straightness, the curling rods, the crimping irons, different hair rollers and hair clips.

Simple Tips for maintaining the top Black Hair and black hair styles:
The black hair is more delicate than previously thought therefore it has to be treated with a bit more care. The rules are:

Avoid using hot irons too often as it dries the hair and rob it of moisture;

Comb the hair with big teeth combs to prevent breakage; comb hair from the tip then move towards the root;

Always use a good quality conditioner to lock-in moisture in the hair;

Always use a good quality shampoo that balances and nourishes the hair;

Wash your beautiful hair every two weeks to maintain good hygiene and encourage hair growth;

Try to reduce the frizzing of the hair (The best way to prevent frizzing of the hair during washing process especially if you are sporting a corn row hairstyle or hair braid styles is by wearing hair net); and

If it can be avoided - avoid using too much chemicals hair as it can permanently damage your hair – use as much natural products as you can that will strengthened your hair.

Some facts about the most popular Hairstyles for Black people:
Cornrows are traditional hair styles worn back on the African content. It is very a very popular style today sported by many of the black sports stars and rappers. This style is worn by both men and women. There is an abundance of different cornrow styles to choose from. The styles are only limited by your imagination.

The main advantage of this style is that it looks great and is very easy to maintain. If you are busy and don’t have the time to spend on your hair this style is also perfect as it can last several weeks with only minimal touch-ups.

Dreadlocks hairstyle is another of the popular back hairstyles that is loved by the masses. It is most often affectionately referred to as locks or dreads. There are many methods of locking your hair to form dreads – see the dreadlocks hairstyles page.

Afros hairstyles are a natural hairstyle which became immensely popular back in the 1960s-70s as a political message of oneness, unity, strength and the love of being black and beautiful. The taller the hair the more confident and expressive you are. Now-a-day this style is worn beautifully without the political message but for the love of the style and to be natural.

Braids hairstyle is one of the most popular of Black hairstyles presently worn by black people of all background. It offers versatility and more to the black woman. Braids can be use to create many effect and look. If have very short hair and want an elegant hairstyle for a party then you can braid in extensions. If you want to dread your hair but it is very short but you wand the effect of dreads now then braids come to the rescue.

Enjoy your black hairstyles and express your creativity. You can post some of your pics on this site. You may never know - a model agent may see your pic and like it.

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