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  • Cornrow Hairstyles: Top cornrow hairstyles – Black braided hairstyles with a difference

    Cornrow Hairstyles: Top cornrow hairstyles – Black braided hairstyles with a difference

    What are cornrow hairstyles? Cornrow styles are classic hair styles traditionally sported by black people in Africa. These black braided hairstyles, in its natural state were once use as a means of denoting ones social status or even marital status within a tribal setting. The tradition of cornrow braids has continued but the tribal significance has changed. Now in today’s society it is just another way of self expression and a way of sporting an easy low maintenance hair style.

  • Black braided hairstyles

    Black braided hairstyles

    The great thing about natural black braided hairstyles is that they are always in vogue. Maybe it is because they are so versatile or probably because it is such a cute hairstyle on the wearer. This hair style is just perfect if you are going on holiday and needed a hair style that is gorgeous and easy to maintain.

  • Black Men Hairstyles – Top Hairstyles for black men

    Black Men Hairstyles – Top Hairstyles for black men

    The golden rule of black men hairstyles is K.I.S.S – keep it super simple. The perfect hairstyles for black men are almost always very simple and easy to maintain styles with impact and presence. Black men like to dress to impress and their hair style is a major part of that. He does not want his to hair to take centre state. His personality and charm already held that position. To ensure that personality is always at centre stage and can shine through at all times only low maintenance hairstyles that have impact and presence is selected.

  • Black Hairstyles Weave

    Black Hairstyles Weave

    Black hair weave styles have been with us for centuries and forma a small part of ancient cultures. If you visit the Egyptian pyramids you would not have to look too far before you begin to notice the paintings on the walls and the wall carvings of the pyramid depicting this deep rooted style. You would also notice the cornrow hairstyles.

  • Top black Boys Hairstyles and Haircuts

    Top black Boys Hairstyles and Haircuts

    The most important thing about Boys Hairstyles is that it does not interfere with their fun. Boys will be boys – strong, active and just generally lively therefore the perfect hairstyles for boys are the ones that are easy to maintain and at the same time look really cool. Football, basketball or as a matter of fact any sport is more important than spending hours getting the black hair to reflect the aspirations of the parents.

  • Buzz Cut Hairstyles

    Buzz Cut Hairstyles

    The buzz cut hairstyles are very popular among the suave the top black male population. From the kids on the street corner to the top executives sport this style and carry it off very well. Even the president of the United States is sporting this brand of the top black hairstyle. It is a great look but no one seems to be absolutely sure how the Buzz Cuts hairstyle got its name. Some speculations that the name of the hairstyle was as a result of the sound of the electric clipper as the barbers uses it to cut black hair.