Cornrow Hairstyles: Top cornrow hairstyles – Black braided hairstyles with a difference

What are cornrow hairstyles? Cornrow styles are classic hairstyles traditionally sported by black people in Africa. These black braided hairstyles, in its natural state, were once used as a means of denoting one’s social status or even marital status within a tribal setting.

The tradition of cornrow braids has continued but the tribal significance has changed. Now in today’s society, it is just another way of self-expression and a way of sporting an easy low maintenance hairstyle.

The beauty of cornrow hairstyles is that they can be simple styles plaited in straight lines from the front of the head to the back. On the other hand, they can be very intricate complex geometric styles.

This is a truly unisex style sported by both men and women. Great examples of these intricate cornrow styles are the ones sported by the likes of R. Kelly in his music video ignition or the sexy beautiful Alicia Keys’ in her music video “fallin” and also “a woman’s worth” video.

Cornrow hairstyles are great styles for busy people as the style can last for months at a time depending on how it is cared for. However men normally keep in this style for about two weeks – guess they get bored easily and need a change but women tend to keep it in for a max of about four to six weeks.

This style normally takes a few hours to implement and can last the times stated above and that is why it is so loved. For it to last that long it must be maintained.

Maintenance is carried out by careful washing in a net cap so that it does not frizz out and keep nice and fresh. Oiling the hair is also a must for proper care.

Keeping the scalp moist is essential to protecting the hair from breakage and keeping it strong. This is the reason why it is one of the protective styles for children.

If you are going on holiday to the Caribbean you can create a holiday style by adding some beads or shells. Cornrow styles are also favoured among children for their creativity.

You don’t have to wait until you are going on holiday to add beads, hair snaps or other accessories in their hair.

Cornrow style is a classic hairstyle yet it is modern and trendy at the same time. Here are a few cornrow hairstyles that you may love and want to implement in your own hair.

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