Emo Hairstyles – Give Your Hair An Emo Makeover

Emo hairstyles are all about individualism. The preferred style sported by teens today, the color, length, styling and other details here reflect on the emotion and personality of the wearer.

Though viewed suspiciously by some parents, Emo hairstyles are not only about punk though it is somewhat related to it. Some of the characteristics that make this hairstyle stand out are the colors, spikes, asymmetrical layers and bangs.

The dominant color here is black interspersed with vibrant streaks of other electric colors. Maintenance is important so a visit to the salon once in a while is a must.

Types of Emo Hairstyles

Bangs are a must with most Emo hairstyles. Black or deep brunette shades streaked with contrasting colors like whites, reds, and oranges are often preferred by wearers.

The bangs may hide an eye or they can be swept to the side of the face. Alternatively, they can fall across the forehead.

Hairstyles that are left free without any accessories can also be termed Emo. However, one might need to use some really heavy products like hair gels and sprays to make sure that the hair behaves and stays in the required style.

Again, a hairstyle where one indulges in the use of accessories that make the style interesting is also Emo. Bright bands, girly clips and colorful threads are the preferred accessories for most.

A deliberately messy look reflecting the individual’s personal style can also be termed a Emo hairstyle.

A style where layers of hair are cut in varying lengths is another type of Emo style.

How to style Emo hairstyles

A blow dry is an absolute must with straight hair. This will correct any waviness and curls off it. Next, thin the outer layers towards the ends with a razor and straighten hair with an iron.

Since, some Emo hairstyles have more volume on top, one should backcomb and blow-dry near the roots. A hairspray or hair wax can be used to keep the hair in place. A glossy hair wax will also add shine to hair.

Alternatively, painted or naturally black hair can be cut off to make a thick bang that falls exactly in the middle of the forehead. Some flocks in front and some side curls on the ears can give off quite an effect.

Disheveled hair that is stuck out in different ways can be achieved with the help of gels. The hair should be cut short at the back of the head here.

Color plays an important part in styling here. Vibrant hues can break the monotony of black and give a striking look.

If hair is long, it can be cut around the ears and the back and front can be given a ‘blended crop’ cut.

One can also get lots of long choppy layers about halfway down with short choppy layers the rest of the way up. The front can be spiked up a little here with the help of gels and sprays.

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